• Community


    Express your Authentic True Self by sharing gratitude with others. Joy expands in appreciation states with others. It's similar to being able to go deeper when meditating in a group.
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  • Embodiment


    In embodying gratitude, we enter a state of appreciation. Allowing and trust become our natural states of being. Life becomes the Joyful experience we have always dreamed.
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  • Joy


    When you kept a gratitude journal, did everything seemed to flow better? Research shows a significant correlation between a gratitude practice, being Joyful and having a Joyful Life.
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  • Movement


    Moving gratitude increases momentum towards a state of appreciation. Feel lighter and alive. Write, talk about, share, dance or otherwise move and live Gratitude.
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  • Fun


    In a state of appreciation, we experience enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure. Notice yourself having fun in activities not normally considered so. Receive the Gratitude Blessings.
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  • Fully Flow

    Fully Flow

    All of this lifetime you have been accumulating resources that are meant to help you with your unique life purpose and knowing Who you are through Experience and your gifts. You are your own biggest Resource, Fully in Your Flow!
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Earth Gratitude Invitation

Gift the Earth with your Presence!

Gift the Earth with your Presence!

When we are truly Present, our mind quiets, our heart opens and we have access to guidance, inspiration and appreciation. In the spirit of Earth Day, one of the greatest gifts we can give the Earth,  our selves and each other is our Presence.  By inhabiting the spaciousness and aliveness of our body, we become Present.  The more we are in the moment,  the more we are in touch with our Essential Qualities and our environment. Practicing Presence helps us become more balanced and aligned with our True Nature.   Small children and animals, even those we haven’t met before, are attracted to and want to be with us. We feel more satisfied and connected to Joy.

Thank you Gaylord Nelson, former US Senator from Wisconsin, for founding Earth Day 45 years ago.  Now 192 countries participate in global appreciation and celebration of our environment.

Would love to hear how you inhabit your body, practice Presence or celebrate Earth Day. Please share your thoughts below or on Facebook .

Happy Presencing!


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Pi Day ~ Expanding Possibilities

Reaching for Eternity

Delft University’s Pi Pie extends its digits out 27 places. The world record has computed out 12.1 trillion places (Yee and Kondo).

“Life was never meant to be a Struggle .” ~ Stuart Wilde

Pi is a Wonderful Number! Pi relates all the points on a circle reflecting our Relationship with Each Other and the Divine – our Interconnectedness in terms of an Infinite Constant! How exciting that this Pi expression, emblematic of our Divine to Human Relationship, is also Transcendental, Never ending and Never repeating – mathematically! In 2015,  Pi’s expression rounded seven places is displayed in the date and time with precision: March 14, 2015 at 9:26 ( am and pm) depictive of 3.1415926….   This will occur again in 100 years ~ in 2115.  Pi Day and Pondering Pi can be very inspiring, even help us move forward with Life’s challenges and difficulties with more excitement; less struggle!

Often when we feel stuck, it’s because we are focused on what we don’t want and are trying to get answers to limiting questions of the “either/or” variety. A situation, circumstance or person may bring up something that is unwanted. The diameter of the circle helps point our focus to the other end of the stick, what is wanted and why. When we focus on the relationship between the Whole, Who We Are, and our diametrically opposed thinking, we open up to the Land of Pi, Infinite, Transcendental,  “Tailor- Made” Possibilities that give us Confidence and Trust in our Dreams!


Pi relates the perimeter of the Circle (All the Points; Oneness/Unity) to the distance (relationship) between two opposing points on the Circle. In the realm of the Infinite, all of us Points on the circle affect each other, even on opposite ends.  By considering our wholeness, interconnectedness and Infinite connection,  we discover Limitless “and“- type questions. “How can I have my cake and eat it too, and everyone involved have a win-win, too?” Inherent in a question is that an answer already exists. Asking transformative questions sets us up for Answers that will really, really, really Light us up!  Knowing our place on the circle elucidates our Worthiness and that much more is available than we could have imagined.  Align with the Divine and Feel Fine!


“The vibration of a question or something you want to know, and the vibration of the answer, are very different frequencies. And if you are all full of the question, then you can’t hear the answer. So you have to get into this place where there is no vibration going on within you that contradicts the answer before you can receive it. You have to be so in alignment with the answer, in order to receive it, that then question goes away. It’s interesting, isn’t it? So you can’t hold the question and the answer at the same time.” ~ Abraham Hicks

Once we ask a transformative question, one that we can hold the new question and the answer at the same time, we begin to Align.  How do we, then sustain ourselves to maintain our Resonance with the Answer?  Abraham/Hicks shares that Resonance is a “Conscious Awareness of a Good Feeling.”  Sustaining Good Feelings come from focusing our attention either on thoughts that feel good or finding relief from difficult thoughts- for which Meditation, A Good Cry and Surrendered Prayer all help.  Regularly Practicing Gratitude provides us with the ability to readily see from a broader perspective, and accordingly, is an accessible and powerful Resonance!  Consider Brené Brown’s research linking Gratitude and Joy, Joy being one of the highest vibration emotions. A strong relationship with Gratitude and Joy offer Big Resonance and Longer Sustainability; therefore continually expanding delightful, even unimaginable, possibilities!

For a Full Mind/Body/Spirit Pi Day Experience, choose one of the following Pi Inspired explorations to think about and feel:

  • Your Place on the Circle and Worthiness.
  • How to elevate an active “either/or” question to a Limitless Transformative One.
  • One or more Transcendental, Incredible Answers that you have received recently.  What were you thinking or feeling that allowed  you to receive them?
  • Gratitude for The Divine and Pi!

Notice the accompanying sensations of small and large relaxations that occur in your body for a full Mind, Body, Spirit experience of Pi! Enjoy Some Delicious Beautiful Food with Loved Ones (Any points on your Circle) and DANCE!

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Receptive Heart

Maui Mandala Painting Workshop 2015

Maui Mandala Painting Workshop 2015

“Until we can receive with an open heart, we are never really giving with an open heart.”
― Brené Brown

To receive deeply, we need to know our worthiness. When I am appreciating, I open my perceptions and perspective and truly see the hugeness of what is being offered. I sense that there is even more than I can fathom. Making regular contact with the abounding Blessings offered, I am able to take in more and more.  I feel expanding support from people, life, situations, classes, synchronicity and more.  I know my worthiness. The more I do this, the more I am able to receive. I spent this year’s Super Bowl week painting mandalas while sharing dreams and opening my heart in a daily morning circle; eating amazing delicious, fresh Vegetarian meals on Lush Sustainable Maui Land overlooking the Ocean with Whales Breaching with 15 Amazing Artists. How’s that for a Big Receive!

Can you remember when you fully received just because it’s OK for you to receive? What does it feel like to be receptive? What clues in your body do you have when you are not being receptive?

Last month’s Magic Formula Blog offered taking a “Receive Break” as the first of 7 ways to cultivate more appreciation. Synchronistically,  here’s a Receptive Heart practice offered one week later by the Multidimensional Enneagram Immersion Program; a 9 month online program in which I am enrolled:

“Whatever you are doing in the moment, no matter the situation, breathe deeply and ask yourself what is being given to you in that very moment. Let your body soften and become more receptive to it. Allow any gratitude that arises to fill your Heart.”

You can do this NOW;  OR take it up a level and set a timer 2-3 X’s a day for one week. Perfect for this month of the Heart and Valentine’s Day!

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Magic Formula

Photo by: Pippalou

Photo by: Pippalou

“Appreciation is the magic formula you’ve been seeking.”
~ Abraham-Hicks

A regular Gratitude Practice is an easily accessible path to appreciation states. In a state of appreciation we feel certain body and mind sensations as well as Joy and abundance all around. Good things happen when we feel more appreciation–including meeting the people we are meant to meet and finding the places we are meant to find in the right timing; and so many other types of abundance.

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Gratitude Abundance

Gratitude Abundance

 As I continue to deepen my relationship with Gratitude, I become more thrilled and excited about the support and possibilities the Burgeoning Gratitude Zeitgeist offers all of us.  Growing research points to stress relief, health benefits and connection to Joy that this powerful Energy offers. Appreciation energy is a powerful force. Speaking it, writing about it, playing with and celebrating it, ALL increase this LIGHT energy.

I feel the most sustainable Joy, inspiration and relaxation from being in this feeling state. Practicing thinking about and focusing upon gratitude daily for years helps me wake up grateful and  focus my thoughts more easily into broader perspectives and allowing. Broader perspectives help go beyond limiting beliefs and open up to new possibilities. In Regularly Looking for Gratitude ( willingness), nuances of manifestations are again and again noticed, that may have been missed in ordinary thinking. Divine Timing becomes noticeable, trusted and befriended. Then Trust and Patience follow.  Gratitude States provides the knowings, mindset and focus of Super Abundance- Relief, Aha’s, Joy, Trust, Patience, Allowing, Surrender, Delight, Creativity and more.

 To all the Dancing Gratitude Community, thanks so much for sharing and spreading your appreciation. Thanks for reading our Blogs/Facebook Posts, checking out the Gratitude Connections Forum and participating in this years 12 Months of Gratitude Card Game Event.

Wish YOU and Your Loved Ones, a Joy Filled Wondrous Holiday.  Looking forward to continuing to celebrate and practice Gratitude  in new delightful ways in 2015!

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Feel More Connected, Worthy and Peaceful

Gratitude NovaWhen you align with the deepest core of the earth and the highest center of the cosmos and connect with the energy of Gratitude, you have a powerful combo…

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It’s the Month of Thanks!

Maui Arrival

Stay Tuned for this month’s 7 Day  Holiday “Comfort and Joy” Gratitude Meditations!


How do you sense Gratitude in your body?  What does it feel like?  Where do you feel it? How big is it? What kind of shape does it have? How does it move with your breath?

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Halloween Gratitude Open House

NASA Pumpkin Sun 2014

One of my mother’s favorite activities that gave her a lot of Joy was making her own Halloween Costumes and bringing out the holiday decorations. This Halloween, the first one I’ve known without her here,  I am feeling her presence and inspiration to host a Halloween Gratitude Open House.  Here’s how it will work…

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How to Globalize Gratitude

With today’s technology and social media, we have access to world information like no other time in history. Some of the news we hear can make us anxious about global unrest. When we shift our focus to gratitude, however, we allow a broader perspective of what’s going RIGHT in the world, and this helps us stay relaxed and less stressed about world events. We can go about our day contributing to the peace and being the change we want to see.

A regular practice of gratitude can bring us peace and joy in our everyday living. Globalizing our gratitude can help us focus our attention in the direction of what we want to see in the world!

How do we globalize gratitude?

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World Gratitude Day

When you feel down, sing a song. It’ll make your day, yeah, yeah. You’ll come to shout. Sing a song, it’ll make a way.
~ “Singasong” from Earth Wind and Fire Gratitude album

Supporting the United Nations World Gratitude Day (9-21-14) brings our worldwide awareness to the consciousness where the creative solutions to our problems live. This is such a great opportunity for us each to add in our unique Lightness and Fun. Join us all month on social media including Facebook and Instagram for world gratitude inspiration and gratitudes for people making a difference in the world.

Share appreciation for the world in a story, photograph, video or other creative expression. Sing a song! Dance.  For the first five World Gratitude Stories posted on Facebook, Dancing Gratitude will send you a special gratitude card on September 21.

World Gratitude and Peace


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