• Community


    Express your Authentic True Self by sharing gratitude with others. Joy expands in appreciation states with others. It's similar to being able to go deeper when meditating in a group.
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  • Embodiment


    In embodying gratitude, we enter a state of appreciation. Allowing and trust become our natural states of being. Life becomes the Joyful experience we have always dreamed.
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  • Joy


    When you kept a gratitude journal, did everything seemed to flow better? Research shows a significant correlation between a gratitude practice, being Joyful and having a Joyful Life.
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  • Movement


    Moving gratitude increases momentum towards a state of appreciation. Feel lighter and alive. Write, talk about, share, dance or otherwise move and live Gratitude.
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  • Fun


    This month's Gratitude Card Game, we acknowledge the special qualities in a man we know. Who comes to mind and what made you think of him. Check out our Events for more details.
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Opening Your Door to Abundance

Gratitude Abundance


    What Every Day Abundance Looks Like



          How Gratitude Works



  Opening Your Abundance Door


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How to Globalize Gratitude

With today’s technology and social media, we have access to world information like no other time in history. Some of the news we hear can make us anxious about global unrest. When we shift our focus to gratitude, however, we allow a broader perspective of what’s going RIGHT in the world, and this helps us stay relaxed and less stressed about world events. We can go about our day contributing to the peace and being the change we want to see.

A regular practice of gratitude can bring us peace and joy in our everyday living. Globalizing our gratitude can help us focus our attention in the direction of what we want to see in the world!

How do we globalize gratitude?

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World Gratitude Day

When you feel down, sing a song. It’ll make your day, yeah, yeah. You’ll come to shout. Sing a song, it’ll make a way.
~ “Singasong” from Earth Wind and Fire Gratitude album

Supporting the United Nations World Gratitude Day (9-21-14) brings our worldwide awareness to the consciousness where the creative solutions to our problems live. This is such a great opportunity for us each to add in our unique Lightness and Fun. Join us all month on social media including Facebook and Instagram for world gratitude inspiration and gratitudes for people making a difference in the world.

Share appreciation for the world in a story, photograph, video or other creative expression. Sing a song! Dance.  For the first five World Gratitude Stories posted on Facebook, Dancing Gratitude will send you a special gratitude card on September 21.

World Gratitude and Peace


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Letting Go – “Gratitude Style”

After weeks of looking in many places, I found the Perfect for Me couch and excitedly replied to a Craigslist ad. This was the most fun, unique furniture I had seen in all my search. Three days of not hearing a response, however, it seemed like it wasn’t going to happen. Now it was time to move on and still feel good about it ~ by letting go – “Gratitude Style” …

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Gratitude Buddy

Gratitude BuddyFor over a year now, I have been sharing daily gratitudes with my friend Teri. We start our day by each sharing 5 minutes while the other listens and receives. We’ve become quite proficient and really look forward to our morning gratitude session. We actually feel the difference in our body — the energy of appreciation.

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Celebrating One Year

Dancing Gratitude’s First Blog was published one year ago today!

High Dancing Gratitude; Haleakala, Maui

We look forward to going to a whole new level this year. We believe we are just touching the surface of the Joy and Love that are available.  Gratitude helps us allow in more greatness to come. We love that you are reading this and welcome you to share the journey with us on this site.

How has celebrating gratitude enriched your life?

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How to Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever!

Want to Feel Good?  Gratitude is an express pathway.

Ann Paquin

Labyrinth Mandala ~ Painted By Ann Paquin


When we feel good, we say yes more…

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In a state of appreciation, we experience enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure. When having fun, it’s pretty easy to find gratitude! Bringing gratitude in to a fun activity spices it up even more. Bring gratitude into activities that are normally not associated with fun and…

Help make the gratitude/fun connection.

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Have you shared your Gratitude lately?

When somebody expresses a heartfelt gratitude, it sparks me. I start thinking about things I hadn’t thought of before or have taken for granted. I enjoy their good feelings with them. I enjoy the ride they are having and get prompted to greater appreciation of things I hadn’t been thinking about — all of this from simply sharing our unique perspectives.

Gratitude talk with others also leads to other conversations that I might not have tapped into…

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Dancing Your Thanks Giving

Dancing Your Thanksgiving



   JOIN us Dancing Gratitude… from wherever you are Thanksgiving Day



Enjoy your own Dancing Gratitude LIVE event Thanksgiving Day. Here’s How…..

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